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Awards & Trophies

Andrew Olynyk Leadership Award

In 2011, the National CYMK-UOY executive together with the Olynyk family, announced the Andrew Olynyk CYMK Leadership Award in memory of Toronto ​CYMKivets, Andrew Olynyk (1993-2009).

This leadership award is given to a Senior CYMK member who exhibits qualities similar to the late Andrew Olynyk. Andrew loved CYMK and demonstrated advanced leadership skills in organizing and planning events and activities. He created opportunities where other CYMKivtsi could learn and develop new skills and gain new experiences. He also made a difference in the lives of other CYMKivtsi by being a role model, mentor and friend. He encouraged others to work hard to reach their goals and aspirations. When faced with adversity, he found opportunities. Andrew shared his joy of life and had a positive attitude and spirit which still inspires others.


The purpose of this award is to encourage the development of leadership skills at a Branch level with the objective of nurturing future leaders within our community.

Congratulations to Nikolai Kruhlak, the 2019 Andrew Olynyk Leadership Award recipient!

Download the nomination form here.

Baziuk Trophy

The Baziuk Trophydonated by Walter and Natalia Baziuk (Edmonton) came into being in 1967 - Canada's Centennial year. The trophy, through the Ukrainian Women's Association (UWAC) is awarded to the most active Jr. CYMK Branch at the National USRL Convention. 

Contact the National UWAC executive for more information.

Perepeliuk Trophy

The Perepeliuk Trophy is awarded, every two years at the National USRL Convention, to the most active Sr. CYMK Local in Canada. The Perepeliuk Trophy Competition promotes an all-around program with equal emphasis on all categories.

This trophy will not be awarded at the 2017 Convention.

Winnipeg Jr CYMK 2011
Perepeliuk Trophy 2013 - St John's Sr CYMK and Winnipeg Sr CYMK
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