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Understanding Advisor Prices

Dear parents, advisors, and youth leaders,

There have been numerous people asking if advisors can be charged at the same rate as CYMK-UOY delegates ($290 vs $390).

There are several factors to take into account:

Advisors vs. Chaperones

Some individuals have used the term "chaperone" when asking for a discounted price. At this convention, guests and delegates pay the same price, as the same overhead costs apply. All of the advisors are considered chaperones, responsible for the youth of their local.

If someone wishes to attend solely as a chaperone and not an advisor, that means they will not have access to convention materials, sessions, or meals. They may still attend, but would be required to cover their own costs and own registration with the planning committee.

What's Included

Registering as an advisor or guest will provide you with the convention materials, access to all programs, and meals.

Jr. CYMK program

To be fair, requests to lower the registration cost for Jr. CYMK advisors is valid, as their program is shorter, starting a day into the convention program. That being said, it would be highly beneficial for all Jr. CYMK advisors to attend the earlier sessions, as they are designed specifically for how to grow and sustain youth groups, even in teenage years. We strongly recommend that each advisor attend!

If you are interested in the cost breakdown, please contact Liza or Taras at

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