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Your prayers, please...

On Sunday June 11, 2017 (All Saints' Day), Yuri and I greeted his Grace, Bishop Andriy, as the National Youth Organizers of CYMK-UOY.

Here is what we asked of him.


Ваше приосвященство, владико Андрію – вітаємо вас із святом всіх святих та з родиннем свято нашої східноЇ Єпархії.

As one of the National Youth Organizers of CYMK-Ukrainian Orthodox Youth, I’ve (Christina) been encouraged and inspired this past year by your genuine love for young people, and everyone here in the eparchy.

Life has changed, our world has changed, but my experience growing up has taught me the importance of a developing a vibrant youth program across Canada, where young people feel like they belong when they come to Church.

Young people are not the future but the present. Young people are no more and no less important than any other generation. Just as every Dido has a role and duty in his family, so too does each young person.

Which means when we try to engage young people, we are engaging their entire families- parents, grandparents, god-parents, and that young people are children and grandchildren of everyone in the parish! [And that each of them needs a role] - editor's note.

And so we ask your prayers:

  1. That each parish cherish each young person as their own child – that no one be left feeling invisible

  2. To bless and strengthen our parish priests as they encourage relationships and regular fellowship

  3. And finally, for quiet courage for our people to talk to one another, and to care for one another

As National Youth Organizer with Christina, we have met and interacted with many young people already this year across Canada.

We have seen that there is excitement and enthusiasm among them to meet one another and to participate in the life of the Church.

So it is through your prayers, as the spiritual father of these parishes, that we hope to continue providing young people with an engaging environment to explore the Ukrainian culture and live their Orthodox faith.

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