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CYMK-UOY is made of local youth groups at parishes across Canada.  Events organized by local Executives are aimed at promoting the Orthodox faith, Ukrainian culture, and fostering a sense of belonging for youth. CYMK-UOY events should be focused on the organisational pillars: Faith, Culture, Leadership, and Fellowship. Some events hosted by a local could include playing sports, a Holodomor/Genocide 1932-1933 commemoration, religious discussions with parish priests, as well as various Ukrainian themed events such as a Kolach workshop or Pysanky Making Night.


Are you interested in joining a local? Starting a local? Meeting other youth at your parish? 

Check out the list of parish to the right to see if your parish has an active local.

Don’t see your parish on the list?

Contact the National CYMK-UOY with your name and email and we will put you in touch with someone in your area. CYMK will work to set you up for success and help you out in starting a local!​



President – Roxoliana Tsisar

•St. John's Cathedral, Edmonton (Junior and Senior CYMK locals)

•St. Elia's Church, Edmonton (Senior CYMK local)



President - Eric Allen

Holy Trinity Cathedral Saskatoon

•Anna Papish CYMK local


President – Marissa Antoniuk

Joint Cathedral-Sobor, Winnipeg

•Tryzub (Junior) CYMK local

•Ivan Danylchuk (Senior) CYMK local)


President - William Kowalenko

St Demetrius Sobor, Toronto

•Long-branch CYMK local

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