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Hi CYMKivtsi!

I hope you are all doing well!

I have seen so many photos from the 2017 CYMK Convention and there are so many new faces for me. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Tanya Buciora and I was elected as your new National CYMK President for the terms of 2017-2019.  This was not a position I was forced to take, this was not a position I was asked to take, this was a position I wanted to take because I love the Ukrainian youth family that we have become. I am so excited to work with you all in the next two years, visiting you, organizing events, and planning more conventions, such as the Saskatoon coming up next year and in the East in two years.

As an executive, our goal is to keep CYMK growing, we learn new things as CYMKivtsi every year and I hope we will all become closer, continue the successes we all carry, and share and have fun while we are at it!

Remember I appreciate, remember, and love each and every one of you so much and everyone one of you is so important to this youth family.

I hope you all carry on the success you have in your locals and I will keep in touch.

National CYMK President,  

Make sure to check out the photostake-home TIPS below from our sessions, and the reporting template we made up for you!

 - Tanya Buciora 

What We Learned

Opening Keynote 

Fr. Peter Haugen

  • Looking for those suffering in our lives, in our communities to help them

Community 101

Christina Kowalenko

  • Community is about a "sense of belonging"
  • 3 types of community

    • Shallow community

    • Fear-based community

    • Deep community

  • 4 ways to build community

    • Share stories with one another

    • Enjoy one another

    • Care for one another

    • Work together for a larger purpose (volunteering)

Powerpoint presentation

Individualism/Collectivism Quiz

DIY: Starting a Community

Connor Moen

  • Find what motivates you as a group

  • Create SMART goals for the year

    • Specific

    • Measurable

    • Achievable

    • Relevant

    • Time-bound

  • Create event calendar

  • Record EVERYTHING you do

  • Use google docs, dropbox, etc to share access to documents

Powerpoint presentation

Grow a Tribe

Yuri Hladio

  • "One Christian is no Christian" - do you agree/disagree
  • Tools for growth:

    • How do you start a conversation?
    • How do you ask questions?

    • How should body language play a role?

Powerpoint presentation

Guidance for the Guides (advisor session)

Dr. Peter Kondra

  • Youth don't get everything from school; they neeed to join other programs for a larger sense of community

  • family-programming first, to engage the parents of the youth

  • Look out for the youth on the sidelines, and give them a role

  • You have a richer and more solid character when raised in a village vs. when raised by parents only

Powerpoint presentation

Building Consensus

Orysia Kostiuk

  • Allow people to finish their sentences before responding
  • If interrupted, finish your statement afterwards

  • Don't assume; ask clarifying questions

Faith on Tap

Fr. Hladio, Fr. Bozhyk, Fr. Haugen, Fr. G. Maximiuk

Question Sheet PDF

Event Photos

Event Info

Convention Program

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

In-Kind Sponsors

  • Holy Trinity Metropolitan Cathedral

  • USRL National Executive

  • St. Andrew’s College

  • Winnipeg Sr. CYMK



Sponsorship of the 2017 National CYMK-UOY Convention is a cost effective way to market your organization or individual support to the future leaders of the Ukrainian Canadian Community. By sponsoring the 2017 National CYMK-UOY Convention, you can raise your company’s and/or organization’s public profile, while making a valuable contribution to the youth of Canada.


Tax receipts will be provided if given through our partner organization, SUS Foundation of Canada.

To make a gift, or for more information, please contact Taras Chved at

Our Sponsors

This is a template to guide you in producing a report that effectively summarises the event to the individuals, or organizations, who funded your attendance at the event.

This is a very useful skill to develop, because once working, you may be sponsored to attend events on behalf of your team or company, and need to give a useful report back to the company.​


Report Template

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