Convention FAQ

Where do we stay?

The 2019 convention is being hosted at the Sandman Inn located at 5400 Dixie Road, Mississauga.

Where is the information on the hotel booking?

This information is located on our Convention 2019 page

How will we be getting around?

For our big excursions we will be either taking a schoolbus or getting around by the TTC (don't worry, you will be paired with a local CYMKivtsets who will make sure you get to your destination safely). For your arrival to the city ('The Six') we will do our best to coordinate a pick up from a local to take you to the hotel, or you can decide to get to the hotel on your own (Toronto has transportation methods such as Uber, Taxi services, the TTC, etc), but keep in mind that cost will be covered individually.

How can I arrange a pick up from the airport?

Luckly there will be a shuttle bus provided through the hotel that convention is held at. This service is FREE and can be arranged for a pickup from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel back to the airport. To have the shuttle bus pick you up from the airport make sure to call (905)238-0159 once you have arrived. This number calls the front desk of the hotel and they will arrange the shuttle for you.

Where can I find the CYMK schedule for the convention?

The convention schedule is now on our website, take a loot at!

What is covered by the registration cost and what will I need to pay out of my own pocket?

The registration cost is only $150 and the excursions such as Blue Jays game and the Sunday lunch are not included in the registration cost but are optional on the form.

Do I need to be Orthodox to attend?

No! Everyone is welcome, but you should be willing to participate in any religious activities or discussions that are scheduled.

Do I need to be a member of CYMK to attend?

No you do not have to be an official member of CYMK, but we will not be subsidising your registration, flight costs, etc.

What kind of clothes should I pack?

Pack clothes that you know you will be comfortable in all day. We will be both inside the hotel and outside for excursions so make sure you pack accordingly. Make sure to check the weather a few days before getting here, and dont forget your baithing suit, church clothes and semi formal attire for the Saturday banquet.

If I am under 18 does a parent have to come with me? Do they need to sign a waver?


Do I need to bring my health care infromation if I am coming from out of province?

Yes. It would be a great idea and there are safes provided in the hotel room.

How do I register?

This information is located on our Convention 2019 page, all the steps are there to make the process as easy as can be!

What are the methods of payment accepted for registeration?


What are the registeration deadlines for early bird vs regualar?

The deadline for registration is June 30th. Any forms recieved after June 30th are still accepted but the cost will be increased. We strongly recommend to send out forms before June 30th.

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What is the deadline for Hotel Registration?

June 15th